about electrobaroque

Technology & craft are systems of idea-sharing where individuals build on each others' work in order to continually reach new heights, and explore new vistas as they open up. Every project necessarily invokes the work of countless others, and we hold deep gratitude for the open source movement, San Francisco Bay Area's hardware hacking community, and Noisebridge in particular.

Who We Are

Electrobaroque is a newly minted project, forging diverse geniuses into a single smoothly functioning organism. This electric fashion has already been featured at Bay Area techno-arty stalwarts the Exploratorium and the Crucible. Heading up this ascent into madness are two folks named Rachel.

Rachel McConnell is a fabricator of such diverse objects as furniture, jewelry, and plastic toys. She has skills in metalworking, molding & casting, and 3d printing, among others; with deep expertise in garment design and construction. Learn more at drshiny.com.

Rachel Lyra Hospodar is an artist of many trades, proud to continue family traditions of working with textiles into the next millenium. Learn more.)

Dana Sniezko is an expert electronics hacker and LED genius.

Electrobaroque is formed in partnership with, and builds upon the work of Medium Reality, which has been blowing minds with sustainable style since 2006.

Electrobaroque would like to thank photographers Kelly Johnson, Chuck Revell / RevellRay, Bryan Farley, and Jim Vetter.