Electrobaroque is firmly rooted in the open source movement, meaning that we are committed to providing documentation and repair/remix access to all of our work. You fully own anything you buy from us, can reprogram it if you like, or just find out what we did and build your own. We love inspiring other people to pick up sewing needles and soldering irons in tandem. The results are pretty unbelievable!

This part of our website will continue to grow as we document our work and share everything we've done with you! In the meantime we are basing what we have done on the work of others, and are happy to share our sources. These are our gurus! Read and learn.

Kobakant This excellent website has a comprehensive list of materials, tools, and techniques that is a great introduction to wearable technology.

Github is a software versioning platform that lets lots of people collaborate on software. Check out our repository for all the bits of d=code that drive our projects.

Arduino & other microcontrollers
Arduino is an open-source microcontroller that has gotten extremely popular, with excellent documentation and tons of tutorials and projects available to help beginners get started. There are many versions of the arduino, including the Lilypad which is optimized for wearability. Other control platforms you might find interesting are the Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, or ATtiny.

Our favorite suppliers
Adafruit is extremely accessible for beginners, and in addition to selling really fun electronics components they also host a ton of tutorials and other fun info.
Sparkfun is another electronics supplier geared towards being easy to understand for the beginner hobbyist.
LessEMF is a supplier we fondly refer to as "the tinfoil hat people", as they seem to be primarily concerned with using these materials to shield oneself from electromagnetic radiation. Setting aside the question of whether this is necessary, there is a great deal of information posted about the electrical properties of the fabrics they sell, and they are useful for lots of different wearable technology projects.

Electronics meetups in the Bay Area, & other places to learn and work
Ace Monster Toys
The Crucible
Instructables (online resource!)

Other suppliers
Al Lasher

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