personal illumination gizmos

PIGgies are your Personal Illumination Gizmos. These little lights are designed to piggy-back onto anything at all, making them the perfect thing for biking, camping, snowboarding, walking on a dark trail or country road, and partying all night solo or in a group! Hey, what better way for you & your posse to find each other on the dance floor than to have distinctive designs on all of you? Discounts for purchases of multiples - buy them for your whole crew! Each PIGgie has a clip for attaching to anything, and a battery pouch that doubles as a stash pocket for cash, credit cards, or other goodies. And we provide all the info on its source code and control chip in case you'd like to re-design your light.

Each PIGgie is one of a kind: unique bespoke electronics made just for you!

What LED colors would you like? All colors except white come with reprogrammable RGB LEDs.

How many?

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